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1/2" Faceted Jewel


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1/2" faceted jewel available in 7 colors. Picture shows bezel and a partial reflection off a chrome chassis. The bezel is not included.

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    Beautiful quality and striking colours. Looks great as an indicator for electrical projects. Very happy.

    reviewed by: Ashton

    The Green Jewel looks great on my Dr. Z Route 66. The Telex on my amp is Dark Green.

    reviewed by: Bill Edler

    This is a great replacement for any Fender amp pilot light housing. It fit my silver face Twin Reverb, My Silverface Bassman as well as My Silverface Champ.

    reviewed by: Federico

    Looks original not cheap plastic. Can’t beat them

    reviewed by: BWilcox

    My Mesa dual rectifier looks awesome with that purple jewel lens, can’t be more happier 😀

    reviewed by: Andre R.

    Great replacement for Fender type pilot light housing. However, the blue jewel is not quite blue. It's more of a light shade of purple than blue.

    reviewed by: Jay
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