12AT7WC JAN Philips


This is the mil spec version of the 12AT7 tube type. We have mostly the JAN Philips brand.

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Price is for a single tube with standard testing.

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    I always wanted a high gain, too many switches multi channel amp so I got a Carvin V3m at their 25% off goodbye sale. Ridiculous amount of gain stock. Couldn't balance the 3 channel volumes for clean/crunch/lead. Some JJ 5751s and 12AT7s in the preamp helped a lot. Tried these JAN Phillips in V1 and V2 and ordered four of them that same day. They sound great. Clear highs without being sharp, strong mids and tight bass. The V3m is more usable and sounds better overall. Would probably be good in a PI or a reverb as well. $15 for a 1980's NOS tube is a steal! Buy this tube NOW.

    reviewed by: MM

    I used this as a PI in V3, works great, made the amp very solid. Simple amp mod, if your amp is specced to a 12AX7, to get the most out of this tube.

    reviewed by: Rocky Singleton