Amphenol ACJM-IHS Mono 1/4" Jack |

Amphenol ACJM-IHS Mono 1/4" Jack


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Marshall style 1/4" mono input and speaker jack. 4 solder terminals, switched. Metal ferrule, vintage style. Very high quality.
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    Really Excellent quality. Easy to solder and handles heat well.

    reviewed by: Jonathan

    Excellent quality jacks. Equal to old cliff jacks. Don’t hesitate to try!

    reviewed by: Daniel Tramble

    Excellent quality jacks, comparable or better than CLIFF UK brand Metal is more rugged and threads are very precise... Highly recommended!

    reviewed by: Daniel Tramble

    Great replacement for the expensive jacks. Good value!

    reviewed by: Rocky

    Great alternative to the Cliff jacks. The only difference that I could tell is that the solder lugs are slightly shorter on these.

    reviewed by: Jay
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