Amphenol TM2PJ 1/4" Straight Audio Plug |

Amphenol TM2PJ 1/4" Straight Audio Plug


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This Amphenol 1/4" plug is one of the very best instrument plugs in the world. This Amphenol plug is almost identical to the TM2PNJ, except for this plug has a plastic backshell. The tip is a single, solid milled piece nearly impossible to break. The heavily nickel plated tip and sleeve shun corrosion yet the contacts accept solder with ease. The ingenious internal cable clamp holds the cable in such a way that no amount of pulling on the cord will ever break the internal connections. When your signal is dependent on a working cable, then this connector is one less link to ever worry about.
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    the best!!

    reviewed by: JP

    Looks great and feels solid. Great value.

    reviewed by: Valken
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