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ClassicTone Output Transformer # 40-18012


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With proper raised mounting = 2.3" x 3-1/2. The original 4 Ohm version! The classic! Like the vintage era originals, this output transformer is paper layer wound and uses the best, cool running, grain oriented M-6 steel lamination for incredible performance and tone!

Suitable for use in the following amps: Showman, Blackface Showman, Showman AA763, Showman Reverb, Silverface Showman Reverb, Showman Reverb AA769, Dual Showman, Silverface Dual Showman, Dual Showman AB763, Dual Showman AC568, Dual Showman Reverb, Silverface Dual Showman, Dual Showman Reverb AA270, Dual Showman Reverb AA769, Twin Reverb, Silverface Twin Reverb, Twin Reverb AA769, Twin Reverb AC568, Twin Reverb 100, Bassman 100, Quad Reverb 100, Super Six Reverb 100....Others? See specifications for details.

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Proudly made in the USA.
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    I have been using Classic Tone transformers as a preference for years and they have never disappointed me. The quality of manufacturing is top notch at a better price point than some other high end transformers. Your iron makes a tremendous difference in the over all tone of any amp and I have never heard any complaints from clients after custom builds or mods using them.

    reviewed by: Jack Duhon
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