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Dale Brand CMF60 MIL-SPEC 1/2W Resistors, 1%


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Back by popular demand - Vishay / DALE CMF60 resistors. Made in the USA, these are the same DALE resistors used in military fighter aircraft, perfect for any MIL-SPEC style construction. They are industrial precision 1%, 1/2W, 500V rated resistors, built to withstand the tortures of supersonic, high altitude flights and any amp turned on "11".

Dale Brand CMF60 MIL-SPEC 1/2W Resistors, 1%

Because these are precision resistors, the values may be listed with an additional digit. Therefore when choosing, pick the closest value to the one you are needing (example: for a standard 220K resistor, select a 221K precision resistor).

And as an added benefit, there is no need to figure out color codes because the actual values are printed directly on the resistors. Your amp will look and perform better with these resistors installed.

Dale Brand CMF60 MIL-SPEC 1/2W Resistors, 1%

Its hard to find US made components these days, but the US military requires the majority of components in military equipment to be of US origin. These Dale, precision resistors are Made in the USA.

Dale Brand CMF60 MIL-SPEC 1/2W Resistors, 1%

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    Love these resistors. I use them in all my amps. I prefer them much more than generic resistors. They're extremely accurate, durable, and quiet. Plus they have the resistance written directly on the component which is great for beginners not yet used to the resistor color code.

    reviewed by: PerryAmps

    Used these in a 5F1 amp and it's super quiet.Far quieter than the regular carbon comp ones.

    reviewed by: William Mowry

    These are great. I randomly tested several and all were spot on. They look great too . No more trying to read monochromatic looking micro bands.

    reviewed by: Dave

    Bought these for my first build, a 5e3, look awesome on the board, and they were in spec when tested. Bought because of the low noise quality. Quality resistors all around

    reviewed by: Kvn

    I use these USA-made MIL-Spec 1% resistors extensively in all of my tube amplifiers. They're Small size, flame retardant, extremely low noise, and right on tolerance and don't drift.

    reviewed by: Texas Tone Amps

    Great resistors that are right on spec -- works well for pseudo heater center-tap @100 ohms

    reviewed by: rwfurman
  • Small size - conformal coated
  • Flame retardant epoxy coating
  • Controlled temperature coefficient
  • Excellent high frequency characteristics
  • Exceptionally low noise; typically 0.10 μV/V
  • Low voltage coefficient to 5 ppm/V
  • Meets or exceeds NASA specification MIL-PRF-55182/3
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