Electro-Harmonix 12AX7 Gold Pin Preamp Vacuum Tube


The 12AX7 Gold Pin is the Gold Plated version which offers a substantially better contact with the socket. The 12AX7EH provides high gain with ultra low noise and a detailed - musical tone that rivals the most desirable NOS types. Unique spiral filament eliminates that filament-to-cathode induced hum common on AC-powered amps. This tube can be used in phase inverters / preamp sections / driver sections - It really does well in all applications.

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    I retubed a Diamond Hammersmith with Gold PIn 12Ax7s and EH 6CA7s. Previously loaded with Sovtek LPS and Tungsol 12Ax7s with Wing=C= 34 power section, the new result is a more defined low-mid range and smoother highs. Chewy but very detailed.

    reviewed by: Max R.