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Elekit TU-8500 Stereo Tube Preamplifier Kit


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For the past 8 years, hobbyists have been asking for certain features to modify the TU-875 phono amp kit. The highly regarded Elekit designer, Mr. Fujita, has taken all those specific features and specifications into consideration and we are happy to welcome the release of the newly designed TU-8500 tube preamplifier kit.

Elekit TU-8500 Back

The new TU-8500 has a lot more improvements from its predecessor and has to stand its ground in a considerably more competitive marketplace.

Elekit TU-8500 Inside

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Elekit TU-8500 Parts

Designed to fit perfectly with the Elekit TU-8200, this preamplifier kit makes an ideal accompaniment to the TU-8200.

Elekit TU-8200 and Elekit TU-8200

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    Excellent kit, well organized, good directions. I upgraded to original Mullard 12AT7 tubes, Mundorf Supreme caps, and TI 2227P op amps. This feeds an ST70 tube power amp, and the overall system is delicious.

    reviewed by: Bill G

    Great kit. Very good instructions, clear and easy to build and the best part -- it's fun! This is a fun build! The end result is a nice looking pre with a great sound. It's not a gimmick or a toy, this really is an audiophile grade preamp. You get some major bang for your buck building this. Mine came with USA NOS tubes that sound fantastic. The only thing I didn't like were the stickers for the front and back, so I left them off and the unit plain as it is pictured here. You will most likely do the same. Again, great kit, very pleased with it.

    reviewed by: Sean R

    This kit went together so easily. It’s so well thought out and perfectly engineered. Japanese perfection. Takes about 4-5 hours. I upgraded the coupling caps to Mundorf supremes and the tubes to Mullard 12at7s that i picked up from this site. It sounds amazing, i’m absolutely in love with it.

    reviewed by: Jason Wanda

    This is a very nice quality kit. It went together easy and sounds very nice.

    reviewed by: Harry



  • VACUUM TUBES: Stock tube set 2 X 5965A or 12AU7
  • OP-amp: NJM2068DD X 2 (option -OPA2227P)
  • INPUT/OUTPUT Terminal : Phone IN x 1
  • LINE IN: 3 (3.5mm stereo jack (LINE3 priority) x 1)
  • PRE OUT: x1
  • Power voltage: AC100, 115, 200, 230V
  • IEC standard: 3P inlet
  • Rated current: 8W
  • Dimensions: W252 x H73 D270mm
  • Weight: Approx. 3.1kg (when assembled, excluded power cord)

    Line Amp
  • Max output voltage: 22Vrms (1kHz)
  • Gain: x3.1(9.8dB), x1.15(1.2dB)
  • Frequency response: (-3dB):2Hz - 70KHz /2Hz - 280kHz
  • SN ratio (IHF-A): 122dB /129dB

    Equalizer Amp
  • Cartridge: MM (Low) /MC (High) - select by switching
  • Max output voltage: 7.4V rms (1kHz)
  • Gain (1kHz): [MM]37dB / [MC]63db
  • SN ratio (IHF-A): [MM]108dB / [MC]88dB
  • Input resistance: [MM]50k ohm /[MC]100 ohm
  • RIAA equalization: Within +/-0.5dB (20Hz-20kHz)
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