The JAN GE 12AX7 is a great sounding tube for both Hi-Fi and musical instruments. Many guitarists love this tube for its warm but crisp tone. These are some of the last U.S.A. made 12AX7 available. They are just becoming harder and harder to find. Get a few for your system and see how U.S.A. made tubes can make your rig sound better. All of our stock are from 200 piece cases and are in pristine JAN military boxes.



Here you can see the General Electric acid etched code. Only GE in the U.S.A. did this. All of our stock is from the mid-1970's.



Price is for a single tube with standard testing.

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    Put this in v1 on a Fender Princeton and the amp comes alive. This is a mode you can actually hear! Well worth the money. I also swapped 12AT7 to a 12AU7 for a little more reverb control.

    reviewed by: Dewey

    I put this in V1 of a JVM410HJS and I am really impressed. I tried several current production tubes there and the original JJ (I think) stock Marshall sounded better until I tried this one. Big difference, I'm definitely getting more. Impressive tone and clarity both clean and driven. V2 is next.

    reviewed by: Greg Smith

    I put these in the Cathode Follower position in all my Marshall amps. The higher quality and ruggedness of this particular tube works well in this higher temperature/voltage position. This is the only tube I'd recommend for the cathode follower position. I'm glad they are expensive to prevent hoarding. These last a long time, no need to hoard, very amp needs one.

    reviewed by: Anthony Z.

    I had originally ordered the NOS JAN GE 12AX7WA for my Fender Deluxe, but it didn't make much of a difference over my Gold Lion and Telefunken, so I tried it in the V2 position of my Fender Princeton, and, WOW! That amp came alive! The moral of the story, don't give up on a prestigious tube, without giving it as many chances as you can. I never would've guessed the dimension it added to the Princeton, so there's a perfect home for every tube, if someone will just take the time to try. Nice, lively tube...as long as it's in the right place!

    reviewed by: Joe Morris