JAN Raytheon 12AX7


Consistently rated as one of the best sounding US made 12AX7, the JAN Raytheon 12AX7 Black Plates is a top contender for both smooth mids and lush top end. All of our stock is from 1962 and in original military boxes. 

From Vacuum Tube Valley - Issue 14:

This super rare tube was magical, it that it did everything beyond perfect. Dynamics and micro-detail were astonishing and noticeably better than any other 12AX7 in the test. It was unanimous amongst the reviewers that this was their favorite tube.

Price is for a single tube with standard testing.

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    It is a quiet and smooth tube and it does sound like everything as per the product page mentioned. But in term of sound stage, it is not as depth as Mullard CV4004.

    I am using it on my phono amp.

    reviewed by: Andrew Ma