JJ 12AY7 Preamp Vacuum Tube


The new JJ 12AY7 tube is a low-gain replacement for a 12AX7. It has less gain than a 12AT7 - but not quite as low as a 12AU7. A good alternative to the pricey and hard to find 6072 for your microphones.

Price is for a single tube with standard testing.

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    Would use nothing less than this excellent quality JJ 12AY7 in any of my 5F1 or 5E3 builds. They definitely make the preamp stage first rate.

    reviewed by: Lee

    Put this into a Marshall AVT 100 Valvestate 2000. The result is a far more classic Marshall sound. This tube removed the Fuzz Box and put the Creamy Scream back in.

    reviewed by: WHRead

    Put this tube into V1 position into my Carvin V3M. It really mellowed this amp. In V2 slot (drive channels) I have a Jan Phillips 5751. I’m thinking of putting another 12ay7 in V2 and move the 5751 into V3 (clean channel).
    I play mainly 60’s, 70’s and some early 80’s. I want slight break up and i’ll use pedals for intense dirt if needed. By the way love this company. Descent prices and fast delivery

    reviewed by: Victor Green