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JJ 5751 Preamp Tube

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This 5751 is a drop-in replacement for any 12AX7. The 5751 was designed as a "ruggedized" high mu, dual triode tube with similar specifications as a 12AX7. However, with 30% reduced gain, the 5751 is a fantastic way to tame a distortion stage and tone shape an amp. These "short plate" JJ 5751 utilize a "short plate" design. tubes have great compression and harmonic complexity, perfectly suited for creating articulate midrange and warmer high end response.

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    Perfect for V2 in my DRRI. Lowered the gain just enough to push the amp's power tubes a tad more. The low noise option is wise. Had great service from the Tube Depot.

    reviewed by: Tim D

    Installed this in V1 of my Blues DeVille. Sweetened the tone and in combination with 12DW7 in V2, made the drive/more drive settings less harsh. Service from Tube Depot was 1st class all the way.

    reviewed by: Steve B

    Grabbed one of these for my Splawn Quickrod. I wanted something just a little less powerful for the clean channel. so far so good!!

    reviewed by: Brian

    I both the 5751 to try as a replacement for 12ax7 is first gain stage. I use small amps in my apartment and wanted lower volume levels. It worked as planned. I haven't put many hours on them yet but they came out of the box without any microphonics.

    reviewed by: RwJ

    I ordered two jj 5751 tubes for my 68 custom deluxe reverb reissue. I got one tube
    for each channel because the amp is noisy and has alot of idle hiss. These tubes are amazing for the price. I payed $4 for the low noise and microphonics test for each tube which was well worth it. These tubes sound warm and have great tone and low noise. I have found my favorite v1 current production tube. I prefer these jj 5751 to the jj 12ax7 smooth highs and tight low end just buy some and try it out for yourself. I'm stoked!

    reviewed by: Dereck Dempster

    Got 3 of these (w/ balanced triodes, low noise, matching option) to replace the factory Sovtek 12AX7 in my Crate Vintage Club 20w. Sound amazing and gave me a usable clean tone. 5751 cut the gain by 20% giving you better cleans. Best thing I've done for that amp.

    reviewed by: Daniel

    I recently bought a PRS Sonzera head and had excessive "hiss" on both channels. I contacted PRS and the rep hinted at using 5751. I did my research and replaced V1 and V2 with 5751's. The hiss was eliminated the gain channel imporved. I also replaced V1 with a 5751 in my Fender Deville to help the volume sensitivity. It worked. The Deville tube change was subtle, but I could hear a difference which I preferred. For the nominal price, you can't go wrong to try it for your application...........

    reviewed by: David Philen

    I've used this as a 'lower gain' V1 in guitar amps. They work great in that application. Very clean sounding tube with little coloration as V1.

    reviewed by: Bryan Kolaczkowski
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