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JJ 6CA7 Power Vacuum Tube

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With a max screen voltage of 500V and a well designed beam forming plate, these 6CA7 are closer to the original Sylvania 6CA7 than most other new production 6CA7 tubes. They have a nice growl and are not as bright as the other EL34 / E34L JJ tubes.
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    2nd order for these tubes. What can I say...they sound and perform great!

    reviewed by: Brian

    These have a big low end and glassy highs. Truly that mix between EL34 and 6L6.
    I didn’t particularly care for them in my a Quickrod but I’m positive they will be great in both my Blackstar and JCM 800.

    reviewed by: Brian

    Just put a quad set in my Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Roadster. This is the first tube that isn't a 6L6 I have been happy with in this amp. I have tried some JJ KT77's and didn't really care for them. A few different EL34's as well. Kept going back to the stock Mesa 6L6 until now. Very close to the same sound that I love about them with the differences that an EL34 brings in tone without the major shift in mids that they always have. You can get a Marshall sound and a typical Mesa sound without stepping on each others toes. I will be getting these again to try in other amps as well!

    reviewed by: Andrew
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