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JJ 6L6GC Power Vacuum Tube

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This tube will work well in any guitar or Hi-Fi amplifier. The lows are deep without being muddy, while the top end is very detailed without being as bright as other tubes in this price range.

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    These are great tubes. Good power and low distortion when not overdriven. They sound equally good in stereo amplifiers and guitar amps. I always keep a spare pair around. :)

    reviewed by: Matt

    Thanks for such fast service! I ordered on a Thursday before Christmas and the tubes arrived on the following Monday! Great product. These tubes have breathed new life into my 1973 Peavey Classic 50W 410. Just what the doctor ordered!

    reviewed by: Allen

    I am very happy with my new set of power tubes for my twin!

    reviewed by: Dick Peterson

    I have these power tubes in 3 of my guitar amps, including a 1973 Fender Twin Reverb that I recently overhauled. They sound great and I have not had any problems with any of these tubes that I purchased here!

    reviewed by: Matt X

    My go-to 6L6GC tubes. I prefer 24 hour burn in for piece of mind but never had a problem with what I've received. Tone is warm and not harsh.

    reviewed by: Ryan

    Great Tubes ! I would buy again !

    reviewed by: Dave T.

    Great tubes, fast shipping and excellent customer service. Will purchase again!

    reviewed by: Denner V.

    Got 2 matched JJ 6L6GC Power Vacuum Tubes for my Fryette Power Station. Clean and clear. Excellent tubes!

    reviewed by: Pete C.

    All 8 of these JJ 6L6s were matched very closely, completely interchangeable.

    reviewed by: Daniel Griesbach

    Completely re-tubed my tired old Super Reverb - it's crisper, sweeter, cleaner and louder. YAY!

    reviewed by: Rich

    Like, totally tubular!

    reviewed by: James Mush

    Makes my Boogie Mark I happy.

    reviewed by: BigC

    This tube have a amazing clean sound... not all JJ’s good like this but the 6L6, number 1

    reviewed by: Marc

    I now have a happy Hot Rod!

    reviewed by: Alex

    Sound good in my blackface bassman.

    reviewed by: Rich Haigh

    Very good power tube, I ask for a matched set and they where matched perfect, they work as advertised. Great bang for the money. I’m using them in a 68 pro reverb and they have returned all the dynamics and sparkle of the classic fender tone.

    reviewed by: David

    Brought my Mesa Boogie back to life !!!!!

    reviewed by: Chris L.

    My Orange Rockerverb 50 mkii came with el34's. IMO the amp had excess midrange and not enough low end or top end. These 6L6's were just what I needed to get the tone I was looking for. Great purchase!

    reviewed by: Gabe

    Good tunes !!!

    reviewed by: Patrick

    These tubes just plain put the power to the pavement. Much better than other brands costing more. If you play metal, look no further!

    reviewed by: Jeremi

    Great tubes. Replaced another pair of JJs in my Granger modded Hotrod Deluxe that lasted almost 8 years.

    reviewed by: Cbusser

    Good tubes for the cost. Gets the job done.

    reviewed by: Chad

    I use these in my Peavey VTM 60, and Peavey 5150 amps. Great tubes for the money, awesome tone.

    reviewed by: Twiz

    Punchy with a Fender Deville. Big low end, sparkling highs. Very good tubes.

    reviewed by: TAO

    I love these tubes. Big and punchy. Great dynamic range. Nice fit for the Peavey JSX. Definitely break these in with an overnight-or-so burn.

    reviewed by: Dandoo
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