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JJ 6V6S Power Vacuum Tube

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This is the newly released 6V6 that we have been waiting for. With a robust tone and great overhead - this may be one of the best sounding new production 6V6 available. Having a spiral filament - this tube is able to withstand the high voltages that some other 6V6 cannot.

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    Excellent tubes! Best place to buy tubes and amp parts.

    reviewed by: Stanzin Norboo

    Great fidelity for a 6v6, like a mini 6L6

    reviewed by: JP

    The JJ 6v6s is in a class all by itself. It can handle massive voltage and still remain stout. This is the only tube made today that beats out NOS. Tube depot matches them perfectly every time.

    reviewed by: Sean Romin

    I've used JJ 6v6 tubes in 3 Deluxe clone builds and the sound to dollar ratio can't be beat. One of the Deluxe builds has been in heavy use for over a year and the tubes sounds great! Given the slightly higher voltages presented by today's replacement power transformers, the JJ6V6s work well with the current iron on the market and make for an excellent sound year after year.

    reviewed by: J. Peacock

    This J-6V6, coupled wth the JJ-EC83 made my Fender Amp like new again. Good tubes, fast delivery!

    reviewed by: David Wiens

    These are simply excellent tubes, I've had my amp for more than 34 years, and I've tried a lot of different tubes over the years, but these are some of the best and finest 6V6 tubes I've ever tried. Sturdy and great sounding. I always order 24 hour burned in tubes from Tubedepot, and they are always perfectly matched. Great service. Thanks

    reviewed by: VTM60

    My Fender Deluxe started making some crazy noises recently as I was teaching a guitar lesson, so I replaced with an old J/J used tube and that fixed the issue. Then I decided to replace both 6V6S tubes since it had been a while. Kabam! Problem solved. The new 6V6's sound great from the Tube Depot. I also bought the 5AR4 solid state rectifier replacement for the future just in case because a couple of years ago that tube went out as well. Love the Tube Depot. Great service, timely, etc... and they are from Tennessee my home state!

    reviewed by: Brek

    I bought a matched pair for my VSA Classic 15. These sound terrific, clear and loud. They are articulate and work really well for me. Shipping was fast, packing was excellent. I would not hesitate to order again.

    reviewed by: Benjamin

    The second matched and 24 hour burned in set of JJ6V6S bought from TubeDepot, and I couldn't be more happy. Ordered tubes with late breakup, and in my 1984 model Fender Super Champ these tubes sound absolutely superb. Sturdy tubes that take a lot of beating. Compared to nos 6V6GTA they may sound a little more 6L6ish, but I really like that. Big and clear sounding. Almost unbelievable how loud the little 18 watt amp sounds with these tubes. And as always the service from TubeDepot is really great. Thanks

    reviewed by: Super Champ

    Bought a matched quad for use in an old Magnavox Hifi power section. Really opened up the top end with no audible distortion. Very clean tube!

    reviewed by: Waide

    bought a matched pair to replace some old RCA's in my deluxe reverb reissue and I couldn't be happier .crisp clear sound and nice breakup when pushed

    reviewed by: scott

    A matched quad of these brought my Dr. Z Remedy back to life. Shipping was the fastest that it has ever been. Thanks.

    reviewed by: Carl B

    The JJ 6V6S is a very good sounding, rugged tube. But they can be prone to being microphonic. The difference is the vendor - Tube Depot does a very good job of testing the tubes they sell. Highly recommended when a rugged tube is desired.

    reviewed by: Lyle Caldwell

    These are great tubes! Absolute best experience ever ordering tubes! Fast Delivery & Unbelievably well packaged! Could not be happier!

    reviewed by: Extremely Satisfied!

    Always a good choice. A tough, good sounding 6V6.

    reviewed by: JL

    Just put a set of these in my tweed Deluxe, really woke it up.

    reviewed by: Chris

    Great tube, but doesn't sound like a traditional 6V6.

    The JJ 6V6 is great if you're looking for a more modern sound or something more like a 6L6. If you're looking for the sound of an old tweed Fender or old Ampeg - this is not the tube.

    reviewed by: Rich

    Great all around tubes! Can't beat JJ's for the quality and price.

    reviewed by: Jay Kick

    These are excellent tubes.Used in my amp builds for a modern tone

    reviewed by: Shawn Wood

    great tubes!

    reviewed by: SAM
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