JJ EL84 / 6BQ5 Power Vacuum Tube


The JJ EL84 is a great replacement for any EL84 / 6BQ5 tube. It offers reliability, great sound, and has a low price. We were surprised by the quality from this tube. It is as good as some of the early NOS varieties like Mullard and Amperex. These work perfectly in Scott and Fisher amps as well as any EL84 guitar amp.

Price is for a single tube.

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    Great performance from these at a great price!!

    reviewed by: Christopher L.

    Bought two of these for my Crate VC20 amp (along with 3 JJ 12AX7s). After replacing all 5 tubes, the amp sounds great--as good as it ever has in my opinion. I bought them because they had good reviews and were reasonably priced. I'm happy with the purchase.

    reviewed by: Bob D.

    I think JJ preamp tubes are overrated but I do like the power tubes. That said I did have a pretty new EL84 fail but who knows what caused it. I chose a matched duet for my blues junior based on there reputation for being tuff and I think the JJ's are a good match for that amp.

    reviewed by: Tony F

    I ordered a second set on sale for my 2 Dyna MkIV mono amps. Very pleased with the sound. Tube Depot is first rate in my book.

    reviewed by: mp

    JJ's are a solid choice for reliable tubes. I don't think they are the best sounding but a good all around tube when considering price vs quality. They also tend to perform better than more expensive tubes in amps that run higher plate voltage.

    reviewed by: Jason

    Used these as a replacement for the original Miniwatt tubes in a Kriesler 11-95 radiogram from the 70's. Excellent bang for your buck. Would recommend these. Do what they are meant to without any fuss.

    reviewed by: David

    A must for just about every amp I've ever owned. Great price and great sound. Sometimes I don't even try out the stock tubes before putting these in, I always end up going to the JJ's anyway.

    reviewed by: Chris

    The JJ EL84 is a valve I keep coming back to whenever I build a new amp. It has a solid, full range that never sounds dull or muddy. I especially love it for single ended guitar amps.

    reviewed by: Ampoule Audio

    Sounds Awesome

    reviewed by: Amp Man

    Best EL84s on the market, killer in any Vox-style amp!!

    reviewed by: JP

    These are rugged tubes, even though they are cheap in price.
    Tubedepot put the bias # on the box, and I hadn't asked, nice.

    reviewed by: Glenn