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Model TL Stereo Tube Tone Control


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Here is a Stereo Tube Tone Control Kit that is easy to build, and is just fun! The Tube Tone Control utilizes a 5670 triode. TheTone Control is compatible with all "L" Series Amplifiers, it gets its B+ and filament voltage from the Amplifier board and can give a cut or boost of greater than 20 db. One control adjusts the bass for both channels and the other control adjusts the treble also for both channels

The TL Stereo Tube Tone Control comes in kit form (K-TL). The kit comes complete with all the resistors, capacitors, tube, circuit board, and necessary hardware for mounting on a "bread board" (not included).

NOTE: The Preamplifier and Tone Control kits cannot be used together as they both have gain.

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  • Input Impedance = 100k ohms
  • Frequency Response = 20 to 20,000 Hz
  • Input output connections = Jumpers to Amplifier PC Board
  • Overall gain (pots at 50%) = 10 to 30 db - set by a resistor
  • Two channel
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