NOS Mullard Made EL84 / 6BQ5

Price is for a single tube.

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EL84 / 6BQ5 made in Britain are some of the most desirable EL84 in the world. Being made in Britain makes them Mullard made - usually Blackburn Works. They have a smoothness that just cant be beat. Like listening to liquid music, these British made EL84 / 6BQ5 are the way to go. Pairs and quads are available, just ask at checkout.


Mullard EL84 tubes were made in both the old "shield" logo in white ink, and later the IEC/Mullard logo in white. They are rarer than Amperex, but worth seeking out. They are powerful, yet creamy, with a nice deep richness and warmth in the lower mids and bass. Mullard made these for GE, Raytheon, Admiral, and many other USA brands. They can be spotted by the seams on the top of the glass, "Great Britain" in white at the top or bottom, and the "B" code for the Blackburn factory at the bottom. Like the Amperex tubes, Mullard tubes are burned in at the factory, so even new ones have small "sooty" looking spots near openings in the plate. Just a few hours of use will make Mullard tubes get large sooty patches inside the glass. This in no way affects the life or sound of the tube. Many found today were "aged" at the factory or by hi-fi shops, and the sooty marks inside the glass is actually a sign of authenticity, as the fakes will not develop the dark marks. Again, watch for the 1950s versions with the square top getter, they are just great.

Price is for a Single Tube

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