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1964 RCA 5751 Black Plate

Price is for a single tube with standard testing.

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The RCA 5751 Black Plate is nearly the holy grail for the 5751 variant. These are very articulate and crisp. If you are looking for the classic SRV sound, these are the ones. All of our stock is in original RCA military packaging from 1964. You can't find a better 5751 than these.

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    perfect for the V1 of my 40-watt combo... beautiful warm & chimey cleans with great drive

    reviewed by: JP

    These tubes are well-made and sound good in terms of smoothness, and warmth which is a combination of harmonic warmth and midrange droop (imagine a frequency response graph shaped like a smile).

    The key here is application:

    1. You like less presence in the midrange during playback.
    2. You like a flat frequency response during playback, but your speakers/system combine to produce a midrange-forward frequency response (imagine a frequency response graph shaped like a frown).

    They didn’t sound bad, per se, in my system. But my system’s relatively flat frequence response revealed the midrange valley presented by this tube.

    Hope this helps someone with these particular goals.

    reviewed by: Conditionally excellent
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