SoZo Capacitor, NexGen Blue Molded Vintage .047µF-500V |

SoZo Capacitor, NexGen Blue Molded Vintage .047µF-500V


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The BlueMolded line of capacitors are retrofits for Astron or Blue Molded caps used in vintage tweed, brown, and blackface Fenders®. These capacitors amazingly capture vintage Fender® tones of the Blackface era, and the famous 1959 tweed 5F6-A Bassman era which is so musical and good, Marshall™ modeled their amps after them! These caps are successful recreations of the originals and are superbly built, excellent sounding caps. When one considers the audio signal passes through as many as ten capacitors before exiting the amplifier, you can see how these components play an extremely large role in the tone of the amplifier.

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