Tung-Sol 5751 New Production Preamp Vacuum Tube


This 5751 is a drop-in replacement for any 12AX7. The 5751 was designed as a "ruggedized" high mu, dual triode tube with similar specifications as a 12AX7. However, with 30% reduced gain, the 5751 is a fantastic way to tame a distortion stage and tone shape an amp.

Price is for a single tube with standard testing.

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    IMO this is the best performing 5751 currently being produced for guitar amps. Allows for a bit more headroom without sacrificing any tone. In my experience this actually enhances the tonal range in every amp I have auditioned it in for the V1 spot. Will also smooth out your circuit when pushing into overdrive. Definitely worth trying.

    reviewed by: Kevin

    the best new-production 5751 available! great tone & value

    reviewed by: JP

    I used this tube to replace the stock 12ax7 in my Fender Blues Deluxe. This is a lower output tube so I can turn the volume higher without the amp getting too loud at lower volume setting. The amp still cranks just as loud as before but I have to put the know at 3 instead of 1 for example . . . more room for adjustment. TUNG-SOL is the preferred brand in most of my Fender amps.

    reviewed by: mpd