Tung-Sol 6SN7GTB New Prod. Preamp Vacuum Tube


The new Tung-Sol 6SN7GTB is a favorite among classic Hi-Fi enthusiasts. It has all the sparkle and depth you want without the high price of NOS.

Price is for a single tube with standard testing.

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    I put these in an SE-40. I was recommended these by the gentleman who did the work on the boards of the amp. These have been compared with NOS tubes that are highly sought after, and these hang with those. I am super super happy with them. I was told these will probably last a good decade or more in the amp. We will see!

    reviewed by: rdmarsiii

    So I bought these under recommendation that they can be compared to the best of the best. I know ever since I was young that Tung-Sol was a great brand, and have only bought this brand. These went into a SE-40. Originally I had the wrong tubes in the amps. They worked, but were not up to par. After having the boards redone, and buying new tubes, the new sound is indescribable. It blows my Krell and Jeff Rowland combination out of the water.

    reviewed by: rdmarsiii

    Great sounding tube that really enhanced the sound of my Saga preamp.

    reviewed by: SP

    Very nice tube, I added the extras, e.g., balanced, high-gain, low-noise, and matching because I'm using them in an audio amplifier. They sound great at a great price.

    reviewed by: Goose

    Using this tube (and its appropriate adapter) on my schiit Vali 2.
    FWIW, I don't have much experience w. tube rolling, but I really enjoy the sound combo, and the price is very reasonable imho.

    reviewed by: LP

    The Tung-Sol is a very nice tube. I use it in my Schitt Saga preamp. I can switch between passive mode and tube mode. Compared to passive mode, the Tung-Sol gives me a little more bass and sweeter treble. It also gives the midrange a somewhat 3D effect. I also have a vintage Sylvania 6sn7GTB. The Tung-Sol is better.

    reviewed by: Jimofoakcreek

    Very good tube. Sound and price is right. Look is awesome. I use them in most of my amps (Allen Organ 75 and Heathkit W3MA) and so far no failure after over 200 Hours. I think now they will last a long time.

    reviewed by: BHdeC