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Tung-Sol 6V6GT New Production Power Vacuum Tube

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The new Tung-Sol 6V6GT was designed with thicker plates and grid materials that allow for the handling of higher voltages used in guitar amps. The result is better mids and bottom while keeping the smooth top of the classic 6V6's. The Tung-Sol 6V6 breaks up evenly from low E to high up the neck. Blues players will love these tubes for the way they sing!

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    Really solid tube. Really delivers.

    reviewed by: Rick

    The Tung Sols are a solid built tube. I like their sound and their reasonable price, beats trying to find reasonably price NOS tubes!

    reviewed by: Dan C

    I had been experiencing some trouble with tube rattle with other brands. The Tung Sols are a bit more solid (stout, stocky, like a fire plug) in build and have not produced a rattle since I bought them. I like their sound and their very reasonable price! Try them. You won't be disappointed.

    reviewed by: Tim Truehouse

    My favorite current production 6V6 tube. Replaced a matched quad of JJ's with Tung-Sol's and noticed more articulation. My amp became more balanced and heard a nice midrange sweetness that wasn't there before.

    reviewed by: Patrick

    Excellent quality 6V6 tubes with smooth break up and clear highs with no harshness. Highly recommended.

    reviewed by: Paul

    Absolutely the best 12 watt new production 6v6 out there regardless which rectifier your using.

    reviewed by: Kevin

    the best modern production for a classic 6v6 tone

    reviewed by: JP

    No matter which 6V6GT Tube I try, I always seem to be putting the Tung Sol 6V6GT back in the amp. It is the best sounding Tube I have used in my tweed Champ.

    reviewed by: David R

    One of the best sounding current production 6V6's out there IMHO. I have had a couple of these bad boys red plate on me, but it's worth it. They sound so smooth with none of that harshness I always seem to get from JJ's and EH.

    reviewed by: Dave R

    Thanks to Tube Depot for recommending the Tung-Sol 6V6GT (matched quad) for my Fargen Blackbird 30 blackface-style amp. These tubes are sweeter than even some NOS I've tried, which in some cases were too strident. These smooth things out at the top end and have a lush frequency range. I highly recommend the Tung-Sol 6V6GT for any application and heartily recommend Tube depot for great communication, customer support and the best prices I could find on the Internet. Thank you!

    reviewed by: Andy Lackow

    Excellent replacements for my Crate Stealth 50w Head. Would buy them again.

    reviewed by: Jason

    Good price, quick shipping and great sounding tube. I used it in a Deluxe reverb clone with excellent results.

    reviewed by: Matt

    Great service the shipping was super fast and the box looked very safety for the tubes.

    reviewed by: Adiel

    Tung-Sol are my new favorite tubes and these 6V6 are just wonderful. They are more musical than the TADs & EH which I've replaced. The Tung-Sol has a full tone with great bottom.

    reviewed by: Rafael
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