What people are saying about Black Sable

  • They are great! After I installed them, I couldn't wait to hear the sound amplified by them. I found that they really opened up my sound stage like the artists were playing right in front of me. The sound was also 'brighter and warmer' than with my previous tubes. In my opinion, well worth the extra cost.
    -Anthony | California, USA
  • I was able to listen to the Black Sable SED KT88 yesterday and I have to say that they are an amazing sounding tubes. What I like most about the Black Sable is its CONSISTENCY in terms of measurement and sound. The consistency in measurement allows for TRUE plug-and-play--biasing these tubes are a breeze. And I would assume that I don't need to re-bias my amp if I order a quad with similar ratings. The sound is balanced across the frequency band with no audible roll-offs.
    More on the sound, these tubes are cleaner and quieter compared to the regular version SED KT88. I heard nuances in familiar music material that I didn't hear before which I think is due to its lower noise floor. It allows you to hear individual notes more clearly. Sound-staging is more accurate with the placement of individual artists easily discernible--front, back, and side-to-side.
    Finally, they are definitely smoother than the regular version. It took away the harshness and sibilance making listening sessions enjoyable and strain-free to the ears.
    -Eric V. | Metro Manila, Philippines
  • I have been running the Black Sable 6550C for about two months now. The Black Sables replaced Winged C 6550's. All this happens in a system comprised of a Prima Luna Prologue 2 integrated amplifier, a Rega Apollo CD player, and Rega Ara monitors. Cabling is Silver Anniversary XT speaker cables and Better Cables Silver Serpent interconnects.
    So, what's different? The sound is noticeably richer with some more depth and texture. Take a listen to the guitars in the "Quartet" CD (Rounder) from Peter Rowan and Tony Rice. Vocals are smoother .... try Placido Domingo in Verdi Arias and Duets (EMI). Even classic rock is sounding better...Led Zep III, Let It Bleed, and Ziggy Stardust.
    -Rich R. | New York, USA
  • I have a lot of experience with components in an amplifier, going from a simple cable to a resistor, capacitor and tubes even sockets. It' s a hobby.
    I know how (my) tubes sound and the moment I plugged in the cryo-treated ones (expl. ECC801s, ECC82) in my preamp I noticed an excellent improvement. Basses where more controlled and very short. Mid's where more lively and again controlled. High freq's where more pleasant and every single freq was still present. Simply more 3D...
    When I compared the tubes that were not treated against treated tubes I have to say that these treated tubes play about 30% better than the others. It is worth to cryotreat tubes because of the benefit of sound improvement.
    -Nico V. | Hechtel, Belgium
  • All I can say is that both my "McIntosh MC2000" with the BLACK SABLE tubes and the "Sonic Frontiers line 3" pre-amp never sounded so good...
    -Decio C. | Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Two weeks ago, I have purchased 2 matched quad BLACK SABLE SED KT88. With this email, I want to simply let TubeDepot.com know that I am very satisfied with this choice (thanks to Christian who sent me good recommendations). The music is so crystal clear with depth and balance. The instruments are localized in the room in relief from the floor to the ceiling!
    -Christian M. | Lyon, France
  • BLACK SABLE valves arrived 10 or 11 days ago and have been singing gloriously in my amp. Even though my expectations were high, they have been greatly exceeded. Thank you for your service.
    -Glyn F. | Port Macquarie, Australia
  • These BLACK SABLE tubes went into a Cayin 688R Dual Mono-Block amp.
    After three rather brief listening sessions I can tell you that the tube changes I made have produced nothing short of profoundly dramatic results! My initial impressions are that of improved focus and dimensionality; tighter, deeper, more evenly saturated bass, while the mids and highs are clearly presented and definable.
    As the tubes continue to burn and settle in, the sound palette will be richer and fuller.
    -Jason A. | California, USA
  • I want just let you know about my impression about the BLACK SABLE SED™ 6550C. I Use it in an AR D125 power amplifier. I couldn't believe it, I got the impression to have a new amplifiers! I got a richer and softer sound, a better bass control and more details. The sound looks more open too with a better perception of the placement of the instrument. Great tubes - great advise. Thanks a lot. [SIC]
    -Gérard B. | Brussels, Belgium
  • I just wanted to let you know that the Tung Sol Black Sable 12AX7s made a remarkable improvement in my Pro-Ject Tube Box II SE phono stage. Bigger, more expansive sound, but with more accurate pitch definition in the bass region. A great upgrade.
    -Marc A. | New York, USA
  • Product is absolutely great! Ordered 4 Black Sable SED Winged-C 6550 power tubes. Matched great, packaged great and sound awesome in my Marshall JMP amp. They kept me informed on my order; I recommend this company to anyone, and will order from them again.
    -Joseph P. | San Diego, USA